This page explains how to use the italydreamhomes website and gives information about photographic techniques employed as well as clearly stating which information comes directly from Italy Dream Homes and which information comes from third parties.

What we do:
Being a disclaimer, this page is largely about what we are not responsible for but before we go into that, we would like to be clear about what we are responsible for. Italy Dream Homes produces all videos and photos of the properties for sale completely independantly. We do not publish any audio-visual material provided to us by owners or estate agents. This guarantees that the representation of the property reflects how the property was at the moment we visited it ourselves so there will be no surprises as far as the actual state of a property, or the presence of other properties, houses, roads, etc in the surrounding area are concerned. So basically; we select the homes and properties for sale on our website, we photograph and film them and we publish the results to help you make your choices. We are not an Estate Agents but more about what we are not below.

Legal status:
Italy Dream Homes provides services in the area of real estate, it is not a real estate company per se. Any information we publish on the legal status of any property is based solely on the information provided to Italy Dream Homes by the Estate agent representing the owner. We do not perform independant registry searches or checks prior to publishing the properties on our website.  

The prices published are those supplied to us by the estate agent in question. Any eventual flexibility in the price should be discussed directly with them  

Property size:
In Italy, the square metre figure provided usually includes the walls of a property unless otherwise specified. The term "metri quadri commercial” refers to the usable area of the property, i.e. without the walls. Cellars, covered verandas and terraces and garages are calculated at 1/2 of their size and uncovered terraces and balconies count for 1/3 of their size. Square meter figures for properties published on the site are to be treated as a general indication of size. Where available, Italydreamhomes will publish the gross floor area of a property. In any case, the exact definition of the measurements must be checked carefully with the estate agent concerned.

Plans and blueprints:
Italy Dream Homes is not responsible for the blueprints or floor plans. The plans published on this website come from the house owner through the estate agent. Sometimes they will be architectural blueprints, sometimes they will be extracts of the cadastral maps held by the local authorities. Any representations of furniture on the plans are simply there for illustration and do not represent furniture in the house at time of sale. 

Wide Angle Photography
In all photographs we endeavour to give the most accurate possible picture of a room or an area. Sometimes because of the limited angle of view of a normal lense we will use wide angle lenses, which take in more of any given scene but also make objects seem further away than they actually are. Rooms may look larger when wide angle lenses are used. All aerial video is filmed using a fixed wide angle lense.

Photographic post production
We do process the images of the homes for sale on our site in order to ensure the correct exposure and colours and to make them more pleasing. We do not re-touch photographs in order to disguise any element of the property itsself, such as damage, signs of damp, etc.

Maps and Locations
The location information supplied on the maps in the "location" section of a property page is represented by a square, rather than the exact point at which the property can be found. This is to ensure that the first contact with an owner is made through us. The property is, however, somewhere in the square.

In keeping with the properties we promote, we use very high quality photographs and videos. As a result of the higher quality, the can take some time to load. The site is best viewed on a high speed data connection such as ADSL