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About the Site

We are a new independent website operating only in Italy selecting high quality properties including villas, country houses, ruins and bare properties with restructuring or building permission from a range of estate agents throughout the regions of Umbria and Tuscany as well as Northern Lazio. We are responsible for all of the images and descriptions found on this website and we guarantee that they provide an accurate depiction of the properties (see the disclaimers section which describes the photographic and filming techniques used on the site).

Our aim is to provide you with a full, media-rich, description of the properties you are interested in so that you can put together a reliable shortlist of homes for when you come to Italy on a viewing trip. The aerial photography and video shows you how the house is set in the countryside and whether it is close to roads, other buildings, neighbours or anything else.  Italy Dream Homes also uses panoramic photography in some of the rooms to give you a better idea of the inside spaces and how they are connected. You can use the direction buttons or drag with your mouse to navigate around the photo as well as to zoom in and out to see any details. We do not produce panoramas for all rooms in the house and we do not necessarily photograph every single room because of time constraints.

If you find a property you are interested in just register with the site and state your interest; we will put you in touch with only those estate agents selling the properties you are interested. You will not be bombarded by unsolicited mails from other agents offering you their entire property portfolio. Any details you submit in the login section will not be passed on to any other company, website or professional other than the estate agent responsible for the property listing you have requested further information on. 

If you wish, we can offer you further assistance with translations and other services where necessary. Just send us a message and we will do what we can to help. We do not charge you for the referrals we make to estate agents, translators, lawyers or other professionals.